12 December 2013

Spotted this at the Dmv today. I want one so bad!

20 June 2013
Nissan Jam


All over the world, enthusiasts of certain brands gather to show off their cars, and in California its no different. For Toyota we have Toyotafest, MOD for Mitsubishi’s and like our last post Bimmerfest for all things BMW. Notably missing was an event for the Nissan marque, so much so that the guys behind the annual JCCS meet decided to put together an event just for the Nissan community. Presenting the inaugural Nissan Jam.

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21 May 2013
Bimmerfest 2013


Now for something a bit different. Here on Grand Touring you may have noticed a slight bias to Japanese automotive culture, but don’t let that fool you into thinking we only like cars from the land of the rising sun. Our motto here is “Life in Cars” and that represents all automotive lifestyles and cultures, and one of the greatest are the die-hard enthusiasts that gather for the yearly Bimmerfest.

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19 May 2013

A little peek on my engine plans. Found this sweet MN47 at the junkyard. A little bit of that Maxima will live on.

8 May 2013

Its always a good feeling to see a well cared for classic being driven like its supposed to.